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Growth + Engagement

The Market

Responding to industry demand

The market value of agricultural gene editing runs into the tens of billions of dollars. CDotBio products are particularly well-placed to contribute to and disrupt this market, generating significant revenue for several reasons:

  •  As an adaptable platform technology, our carbon nanodot tool is highly customisable. It can be tailored to address the key pain points of various segmented markets, and allow for a targeted focus on accessible 'beachhead' markets for penetration.

  • Dominant biotech companies are actively seeking alternatives for gene editing and plant protection products in response to intensifying climate change impacts, as they adapt to changing environmental circumstances and market tides.

  • Manufacturers currently invest heavily in complex, time-consuming and labour-intensive manipulations to produce new solutions, setting the stage for high demand around the low-cost, efficient solutions we are generating.

Together, these aspects create an ideal landscape for fast, flexible growth in a high value and expanding market.

Our Value

Bringing new tools to the table

The University of Bristol has granted CDotBio an exclusive licence to exploit its invention of a nanomaterial-mediated nucleotide delivery system supported by carbon dot technology.

Our technology offers the potential for completely temporary, transient (non-heritable) expression of inserted genetic sequences, rather than the permanent or semi-permanent alterations to the plant genome associated with existing gene editing methods.


This change could be seismic for the agribusiness sector, freeing biotech companies, wholesalers and other stakeholders throughout the agricultural supply chain from environmental, reputational and financial risks commonly associated with GMO and gene editing.


Our patented platform technology offers exceptional value to partners and customers, who are able to explore developmental or commercial partnerships with CDotBio which are tailored to their unique business needs and strategic objectives.

Our value propositions are simple, but powerful. Taking the cut flower agribusiness sector as one example, our demonstrated carbon dot solution offers:

  • Improved uniformity of cut flowers compared to the competing solution

  • Approximately one hundredth of the cost (vs. commercial price of competing product)

Working Together

Identifying key partners and customers

Despite the wide-ranging application of its platform technology and potential for mass market deployment, CDotBio recognises the importance of iterative, targeted commercial engagement for sustainable business growth.

The cut flower agribusiness market represents a particularly attractive area of early focus as it sidesteps the higher regulatory barriers associated with food product agriculture and plant protection products (PPPs). Vase lifespan, bloom uniformity, and lowered nutrition requirements are all benefits within sight for customers in this sector.

Once proven, wholesaler retailers will be able to yield exceptional cost reductions through the use of our carbon nanodot products. Beyond cut flowers, a variety of food agribusinesses also express an interest in seeing how CDotBio tech could deliver increased yield and resilience benefits to crops ranging from broccoli and strawberries to potatoes and parsnips.

Ascendant biotech companies offer excellent partnership potential due to their clear understanding of our unique value proposition, as well as their ability to provide key resources (e.g., plasmids and agrochemicals) to support our development of formulation technology, shorten timelines of prototype development, and target multiple applications in parallel.


Clear routes to commercialisation

CDotBio enjoys a diversity of routes to market, providing the business with a flexible and resilient commercialisation strategy. We will build technological readiness, raise awareness of our products, develop bespoke solutions and commercialise them through:

Co-development agreements

Partners are to provide CDotBio with resources and activities that allow for improving the investment and commercialisation readiness of the company. Partnering with biotech companies will facilitate the means to evaluate technical performance for gene delivery while addressing bespoke applications. CDotBio anticipates that through co-development agreements, these collaborations could foster our partners' awareness and interest in the formulation technology in parallel with its technological readiness.

Technology licensing

We anticipate being able to negotiate licensing products in exchange for financial compensation, unlocking further financial capacity to drive the company’s strategic development. Whether independently or off the back of successful co-development, we expect partners to negotiate access to our technology under Technology Licensing Agreements (TLAs).

Commercial partnerships

Once the platform technology has proven products/services status, CDotBio will seek to partner with companies that can arrange large-scale sales of our products or services on a B2B basis. One such organisation has already expressed interest in testing our formulation technology and could become a decisive commercial partner.


Potential partner or interested investor?

For further details on our products, commercial strategy and growing partnerships, get in touch.

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