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CDotBio secures bespoke support and pre-seed investment through the biotope Agri-Incubator Programme

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

We’re excited to announce that we’re one of the newest partners of biotope, a dedicated incubator programme offered through VIB, itself one of the world’s leading institutes in biotechnology and life sciences research.

Joining the biotech startup class of 2023

This one-year programme is designed to equip biotech startups with everything they need to grow exponentially, knock down barriers, and leap over common pitfalls for rapidly scaling companies in this sector.

As well as significant pre-seed funding, biotope are providing us with discounted access to their state-of-the-art facilities, including greenhouses and labs equipped with the latest technology. Not only that, but we’re getting plugged in to an incredible network of world-class experts across science, business and technology. That ranges from eye-opening workshops with peers to personal mentoring and direct business support.

Last week our CEO, Teo, and our R&D Lead, Fran travelled to Flanders for the onboarding session, which spanned two days of facility tours, workshop sessions and investor networking.

We were blown away by the technical scale, quality and breadth of facilities and equipment that they had to offer. Automated greenhouse spaces, including robotic arms and spraying chambers, all matched up perfectly with the space-and-tech needs we’re anticipating in our immediate future.

We wore our pencils down with furious notes and “ah-ha” moments during three different workshops, covering intellectual property, licensing and trademarks. Tapping into the deep business experience offered by biotope and VIB is sure to be an excellent opportunity for de-risking and safeguarding our progress as we make rapid developments in the lab.

Standing in front of a room of potential investors and partners, brought together by biotope, to lay out our stall and share our vision for sustainable agriculture powered by RNA delivery, was fantastic. We’re sure that some of the conversations started that day will be very productive in the coming year and beyond.

The importance of business incubators for startups across agriculture and biotech

The importance of incubators, accelerators and springboard programmes for companies like us can’t be overstated.

We’re moving fast, pioneering new technological approaches, and breaking new regulatory ground. Being able to arm ourselves with the wisdom and insight of world-leading experts in our field, consolidate our business planning and market engagement techniques, and gain ready access to industrial testing facilities – these are all absolutely key to achieving radical innovation in a sustained, low-risk way.

We’re incredibly excited for what the next year will bring, the bespoke support we’ll receive, the short-cuts that we’ll discover, and the breakthroughs that we’ll bring to market for the good of global agriculture.

Not only that, but it’s great to go on this journey alongside other startups who are looking to unleash their agrifood innovations on the world. Sharing experiences and supporting each other towards a brighter future is invaluable.

If you’re a startup in the biotech or agrifood sectors, we absolutely recommend getting connected with incredible incubator opportunities like biotope by VIB.

Feel free to get in touch to ask us more about our experience – we’re always happy to help.

We’re hugely grateful to the passionate team at biotope, and can’t wait to continue our work through the agri-incubator programme.

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