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CDotBio wins £50k Blavatnik Prize for Innovation

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

CDotBio is pleased to announce its successful application to the Blavatnik Prize for Innovation, resulting in £50,000 of additional non-dilutive funding for our ongoing work along with a tailored training and support programme from the competition’s host, QantX.

The prize is designed to recognise and award original and disruptive thinking, helping businesses and innovators like CDotBio unlock the commercial potential of their technological or scientific advances.

Our work in developing novel products for transient genetic transformation in valuable crops caught the assessors' eye. The company was well received by QantX throughout the application process, with Harry Alexander, QantX Investment Manager, saying “The team were excited to learn about CDotBio. We were impressed with your pitch and are very interested in the potential of CDotBio. We’re delighted to award you a Blavatnik Prize for Innovation to help get your technology to fruition.”

The funds from the prize will be invested in hiring a new dedicated, expert Commercialisation Manager position at CDotBio, as well as funding legal consultancy and marketing activities. Together these will help power increased engagement and successful commercial negotiations, supporting our effective entry into the cut flower market.

"We're thrilled to receive this funding and mentorship support from QantX, which will support our commercialisation efforts and help us bring our carbon dot products to market as soon as possible,” said Teodeoro Garcia Millan, CEO of CDotBio. “By increasing our capacity to collaborate with interested stakeholders to develop and deploy our technology, the Blavatnik award is instrumental in allowing customers across the cut flower sector to benefit from sustainable, flexible, efficient crop control products."

The objective of this funding is the achievement of our first revenue-bearing licence agreements for the use of CDotBio’s patented technology to delay senescence in cut flowers. This technological innovation promises to reduce waste, extend shelf life and provide enhanced logistical flexibility to suppliers and brokers in a fast-paced industry where efficiency is key.

While the company is in productive dialogue with a number of stakeholders, it will be engaging more widely in the sector and negotiating exciting co-development arrangements in the coming months. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the CEO, Teodoro Garcia Millan, to discuss how they could get involved.

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