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Welcome to the Team: Technology and Innovation Manager

We’re thrilled to welcome Veronica Greco as the latest addition to the CDotBio team. She’ll be working in the role of Technology and Innovation manager on a permanent basis, overseeing exciting technical advancements and driving new collaborations across the agritech sector.

Veronica brings a wealth of experience to the role, including a PhD in synthetic biology and expertise across areas including genetic construct design, DNA sequencing, and gene expression control.

She combines world-class knowledge of bioengineering with excellent abilities across entrepreneurship and business innovation, having completed multiple training programmes including ‘Innovation Labs’ through Bristol-based SETsquared. She also spent a year working at start-up incubator TechNest, based out of the University of Calabria, after winning first prize in the entrepreneurial Farmacontest 2016.

Veronica has applied her knowledge and skills to great effect since her recent arrival at CDotBio, driving impressive progress across areas like customer and market discovery, brokering collaborations with industry partners, and strategic management of advancements in the lab.

As our new Technology and Information Manager, Veronica will play a central role in CDotBio’s expanding team. Through her work, she’ll help CDotBio combine ground-breaking technology and commercial strategy – supporting our ambition to revolutionise the biopesticide, crop control and plant genomics markets.

You can find out more about Veronica on our team page or on her LinkedIn.

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