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Our Mission

A New Earth

The world needs to increase food production by more than half by 2050 if it is to feed a global population of almost 10 billion. Such an increase on our rapidly changing planet is a monumental challenge.

Productive land is limited and degrading at an alarming rate, while climate change and resource scarcity threaten to undermine crop quality and yields around the world. Agricultural emissions are themselves a major driver of atmospheric heating and pollution, creating a damaging positive feedback loop that threatens the foundation of our biophysical productivity.

Cracked Mud

Technological Limitations

Some level of climatic change is inevitable. Enhancing the survival and growth of staple crop plants in adverse conditions is therefore of paramount importance—and huge market value.

CDotBio is a collection of world-class scientists and business experts who are working with their patented application of carbon nanoparticles — ‘carbon dots’ or ‘C-Dots’ — to develop flexible methods of upgrading, protecting, or controlling crop plants

Scientist in Greenhouse
Planting Plants

New Solutions

We’re working on a new paradigm of genetically powered agricultural products; cheap to manufacture, versatile, and easy to apply within existing agricultural systems. 

With a new toolbox of C-Dot biotechnology products, resistance to disease, tolerance to environmental stress, and growth enhancement will become more accessible, affordable and applicable than ever before.

Our mission - in collaboration with industry partners and investors - is to generate further evidence of this pivotal technology and its industrial potential, develop prototypes, and bring them to market.

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